Organizational change theory: Do not linger

Organizational change theory

As market conditions shift, job roles change, and other things happen in the course of employment, people get scared, nervous, etc. And what do we do? Drown the approach to working with them in HR paperwork. Less than stellar. Let’s fix this. Continue Reading

Welcome to the platform thinking era

Platform Thinking

How the psychology of change, coupled with fear, cripples a lot of executive decision-making. Continue Reading

Managing change: No buzzwords, link it to priorities

Managing change

Stop running your employees in circles like a bunch of BS task monkeys. Continue Reading

Your change management plan will terrify you, yes

Change management plan

“No time, Nate! I’m chasing new revenue streams and this change idea has me terrified!” Continue Reading


Business transformation is about people, not money

Business Transformation

It ain’t about chasing nickels, baby. It’s about what it will all do to people. Continue Reading

Organizational Change: Avoid ‘The Spreadsheet Mentality’

Organizational Change and The Spreadsheet Mentality

The Spreadsheet Mentality is a business concept born from “what’s measured is what matters.” And it absolutely murders productivity and efforts at organizational change, even though executives tend to deify it. Continue Reading


Change management: The 2016-2020 wave

Change Management Illustration

If you believe disruption is coming for most companies (it probably is), then change management is absolutely crucial. But most companies are flippin’ terrible at it. How can they get better? Continue Reading


Five factors you need to create change

Five factors you need to create change

Take a look at the graphic above. Your goal is change. Every organization needs to change sometimes — business plans adjust, revenue streams change, leadership turns over, etc. So if your goal is change, how do you achieve that? Here… Continue Reading