Management Theory: Two trips to IKEA

Management Theory and IKEA

About three weeks apart, I took two different trips to IKEA. The contrast in those trips taught me a ton about management theory. Continue Reading

Future of Work: Judger questions vs. learner questions

Learner questions vs. judger questions

What’s a judger question? What’s a learner question? Let me give this to Fast Company to explain: Learner questions facilitate progress by expanding options, while judger questions impede progress by limiting perspectives. The idea of judger questions and learner questions are massively… Continue Reading


No, not everyone on your team will be innovative. That’s OK.


Managers that I’ve worked with love to do one of two things when discussing their team and its members: Praise the hell out of them and talk about how they’re the “best team in the biz” (80 percent of the… Continue Reading


Future of Work: Clarity leads to empowerment

Just came across this article on Harvard Business Review about “prioritizing your life before your manager prioritizes it for you,” which seems like a good idea for an article — hell, I clicked on it — until you stop and realize the employee-manager relationship is… Continue Reading