How to explain the world at a cocktail party

Talk about Inter-Temporal Discounting at a cocktail party

Want a cool expression to toss out at a dinner party the next time you find yourself in such a socially-elite situation? I’ve got one for you. It’s called “inter-temporal discounting.” Sounds cool, right? I bet you’re already interested. But what is it?… Continue Reading

Shit, 2014 will probably be the hottest year on record

2014 Hottest Year On Record

We should all be legitimately concerned about drought and climate change, but we’re not because — in all honesty — it seems like a very far-off thing, and we’re probably not going to be alive when the worst of it… Continue Reading

Annapolis, Maryland has seen a 925 percent increase in ‘nuisance flood days’ since the 1960s

There’s a lot of stories recently about what climate change will ultimately do to coastal cities — in The New Yorker recently, there was kind of a humor piece about how sharks might be swimming up to the second floor… Continue Reading

It’s currently end of days in Siberia and the Zhejiang province of China, apparently

Overnight, a waterway in China turned a blood red color — shades of a little Ghostbusters II action, perhaps — and we’re up to two (as opposed to one) deep craters in Siberia, in a place locals had already called… Continue Reading

If everyone in America stopped eating beef tomorrow and started eating chicken, it’d be like taking 26 million cars off the road

Check out the chart above, via here. It compares the greenhouse gas emissions linked with the production of beef and chicken. As you can see, chicken is a lot less — in fact, it’s about four times less. If you were… Continue Reading

Kiribati, an island of 100K in the South Pacific, just banned commercial fishing. That seems like a big step.

Here’s the article, and here’s the money quote: “If you think of the ocean as a bank account in which everybody withdraws but nobody makes a deposit, then protected marine reserves are like savings accounts that produce interest,” Sala told… Continue Reading

North Carolina is about to be the tipping point for the fracking debate in America

Get this: North Carolina lawmakers have softened a controversial bill that would have made it a felony to disclose the chemicals used in fracking. Under the version of the law that passed the state legislature on Thursday, the offense has been knocked down to a misdemeanor. But legal… Continue Reading


Is Kemper County, Mississippi going to be the future of the climate change battle?

You may have heard about the Kemper County (MS) power plant — here’s the Wiki for it, for good measure — as it could be a major step forward in the climate change battle. Here’s the basic situation: the plant converts coal into… Continue Reading