Look at this graphic and try not to be worried about drought, the future of food, climate change, California as a whole, and, well, the United States

What am I looking at, you may have just asked. Well, hopefully you realize that’s California pictured above and there are three distinct time periods shown: 1950 (The Great Move West!), 2000 (a little after San Francisco became the new… Continue Reading

The first Earth Day was the result of Gaylord Nelson, Pete McCloskey, and Denis Hayes

“This planet is threatened with destruction — and, we who live in it, with death.” This were some of the first words associated with Earth Day when it started — way back in 1970 — and despite being depressing, the… Continue Reading


Could a Boston-based company called XL Hybrids help change the world (and the climate)?

XL Hybrids is a company out of Boston that, right there on their homepage, will promise a 20 percent reduction in urban fuel consumption. The business media is on board: Fast Company just had them as the third-most innovative energy company in… Continue Reading


Here’s a simplistic idea: could we save the planet by reducing our focus on how business must occur face-to-face?

By now you’ve probably heard about or seen or have some context around this new climate change report, which was fairly dire. At the same time, the percentage of Americans who care about the issue is essentially the same as… Continue Reading

Matt Teeters and the tricky dance of politics and education in Wyoming

Matt Teeters is a state representative in Wyoming who helped lead the charge for the state to officially reject the new Next Generation Science Standards, becoming the first state to officially do so. (It should be noted that the Governor of… Continue Reading


Arroyo del Vizcaíno, in southern Uruguay, might be the most important place on Earth

Let’s begin by tracing the argument: for a good long time, the belief of the scientific/paleontology/anthropology community was that the first people to begin arriving in America were “the Clovis People.”  They seemed to appear about 13,500 to 13,000 years ago,… Continue Reading

An iceberg the size of Chicago is floating into international shipping lanes

Yep. You could also classify this thing as eight times the size of Manhattan, or half the size of London. It’s 70,000 hectares, which is roughly 700 million square meters, or 270 square miles. Six British scientists, led by Grant… Continue Reading