Don’t lip service coaching and mentoring

Coaching and mentoring

“That’s a HR thing, right? I’m out here slaying targets! No time to worry about these rank-and-file peons!” Continue Reading


68 percent of managers AREN’T engaged in their employees’ career development. WTF?

68 Percent of Managers Don't Guide Their Employees' Careers

Right Management — a subdivision of Manpower Group — did a survey about career development and managers’ roles within it. Here are the results. Here’s probably the section you should pop a couple of Ambien before you read: According to the… Continue Reading

49ers head coach Jim Tomsula once lived out of his car

Jim Tomsula Lived In Car

If you’re a football fan, think about Urban Meyer for a second. In January of 2000, he was the WR coach at Notre Dame. 15 years later, he has three national championships as a head coach. 15 years is a lot… Continue Reading

Jim Harbaugh vs. Urban Meyer isn’t another 10 Year War, sadly

Jim Harbaugh Urban Meyer

Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers parted ways last night, as expected; interestingly, he won exactly 49 games as their coach, including one NFC Championship. He’s now purportedly headed to Michigan, according to literally every report under the sun. He was… Continue Reading


Leadership is really about soft skills

Leadership might be the most important ambiguous word in the English language, right up there with something like “culture.” There are so many different theories about it — from Blue Ocean to a focus on humility — and so many books (entire sections… Continue Reading

Florida’s Billy Donovan deserves a little bit more credit as a top-3 to top-5 college coach, no?

Cool subplot to Florida vs. UCLA’s Sweet Sixteen game tonight: in the 1987 Final Four, Providence lost by 14 to Syracuse — Derrick Coleman with 12 boards, eh? — and Indiana beat UNLV by four. Had Providence pulled out that… Continue Reading


This whole Black Monday coach-firing stuff has insane repercussions; remember January 2010?

There’s a chance that 10 NFL head coaches could get fired tomorrow (or sometime tonight); apparently Rod Chudzinski (Browns) and Jim Schwartz (Lions) have already been fired, per various Internet reports. Then there’s this… Black Monday coming up —… Continue Reading

On the glory of Fred Hoiberg

I normally don’t pay attention to college basketball until after the Super Bowl — and I went to a basketball school — but I thought I’d dip a toe in the water here and talk for a second about Fred… Continue Reading