The brainstorming tools you need

Brainstorming Tools

I’m not even sure how effective brainstorming is in the modern business context of meetings and meetings and calls and calls, but if you’re going to brainstorm — let’s at least do it right. Continue Reading


Problem solving skills: A.C.T.

Problem Solving Skills

… because every problem in business needs an acronym to solve it, right? Continue Reading


What should team development really look like?

Team Development

It’s less about rushing to your next meeting and hiring consultants, and more about thinking through the process. Continue Reading


The problem with collaboration tools

Collaboration Tools

You really think it’s gonna cut down on your email? Ideally it would, but you don’t know Samantha from Accounting and her reluctance to change, now do you…? Continue Reading


Here’s the one reason companies fail at collaboration

Fail at collaboration

A mini-rant on failing at collaboration: Start with Harvard Business Review doing a review of several silo-and-collaboration focused books: Companies don’t fail at collaboration because not enough people will cooperate with one another. They fail when people work too closely in… Continue Reading


What if collaboration hurts productivity?

If you had to make a list of every business buzzword that a top dog/senior executive says in a meeting/presentation, I doubt you’d get very far down the list without hearing “collaboration.” People love to talk about collaboration. It seems… Continue Reading


What is ‘collective creativity?’ (And could it work for you?)

Collective Creativity and Hierarchy

What if you flipped the power pyramid (i.e. the hierarchy) of your organization so that formal power slid to the bottom and idea-generation came from the rank-and-file? Could it make you more money? It might. Continue Reading


Your team has no self-awareness, and that’s why they don’t get projects done

Self-Awareness Important To Business

Actually thinking for a second about what you do and why you do it — rather than just headlong racing into it — can actually make a huge difference in your success (even to teams believe this stuff is a “soft skill”). Continue Reading