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The Alabama-Auburn trolling has really hit a fever pitch

There are 37 days until college football is back, which is exciting. Although far more people get excited by the eventual return of the NFL, I personally think college football is the greatest… Continue reading

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Munchie Legaux has another year of eligibility at Cincinnati. What now for the endless carnival that is Gunner Kiel’s college life?

Following this bouncing ball: Gunner Kiel was, at one point, the top high school prospect in the country (or the top QB of his year, depending on how you read scouting services). Initially,… Continue reading

Super Bowl post-mortem: What can we learn from Pete Carroll, Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer about winning as a college coach in the NFL?

Here’s a list of every Super Bowl winning coach. After last night, four total titles have been won by three men who share a similar distinction — winning a Super Bowl and a college… Continue reading

Where Signing Day and the Super Bowl intersect: Peyton Manning and Randy Moss could have been something at Tennessee

Quick story of import here: on Sunday, Peyton Manning will go for his second Super Bowl ring. If he gets it, people think maybe he walks into the sunset (but he probably doesn’t).… Continue reading

Goodnight, BCS: remembering perhaps the biggest debacle of them all (2001 with Miami, Colorado, Nebraska, Texas et al)

The BCS said goodbye last night with a doozy of a game — 24 points were scored in the final 5:15 — and actually, with a doozy of a BCS season overall (MSU-Stanford… Continue reading

This whole Black Monday coach-firing stuff has insane repercussions; remember January 2010?

There’s a chance that 10 NFL head coaches could get fired tomorrow (or sometime tonight); apparently Rod Chudzinski (Browns) and Jim Schwartz (Lions) have already been fired, per various Internet reports. Then there’s… Continue reading

Whatever happens with this Mack Brown and Texas situation, the whole paradigm of coaching salaries is going to shift

On surface, this whole Mack Brown thing at Texas seems like a total f’n disaster. Everyone knows the basic details, but to quickly summarize: it appears, and it could be wrong because we never… Continue reading

Why does the Heisman Trophy seem to shaft WRs (and even RBs) of late?

Heisman Trophy is Saturday night. Yaaaaaay. We all know the award is probably a curse professionally, we all tend to know who’s going to win about 200 hours before the TV program even commences,… Continue reading