Humor at work might be a revenue driver

Humor at work

Here’s something we really need to take to scale. Continue Reading


Loved Trainwreck, but …

Saw it on Friday night, when it came out. I honestly think the last movie I saw on the day it came out was one of the Twilight movies, and that was done somewhat ironically. Fun story from that movie,… Continue Reading

RIP Sam Simon, part-shaper of many childhoods

Aside from maybe my parents, my wife, some of my friends, and the broader notion of “society,” I don’t think there’s anything that had a bigger effect on my upbringing than The Simpsons. I think a show like Breaking Bad… Continue Reading


Maybe funny is the new sexy

Make Your Partner Laugh

97% of single women consider having a sense of humor just as important as physical attractiveness these days, eh? Nice. Continue Reading

As How I Met Your Mother ends, here’s a scientific look at what makes a great sitcom

How I Met Your Mother concludes this evening. Maybe 2-3 years ago, I would have called it my favorite show on television. Now it’s still in the discussion there, but because I cut cable this past summer and didn’t always want to… Continue Reading


Honestly, “Trophy Wife” isn’t a bad show, and maybe we have David Mamet to thank

Last night’s episode, “Lice and Beary White,” which featured a high school production of Hair and lessons about King Solomon, even scored a B at the A.V. Club. One of the commenters even went so far as to say, “I think I’m the… Continue Reading