The Blunder Years, Episode 17: Listening vs. fixing in relationships and getting tapped out

You’re in a relationship. Your partner comes home. Vents about the day. Should you listen, or attempt to FIX? Heady questions. Continue Reading

The Blunder Years, Episode 15: How to mess up your 30s (and how to get it back)

I spent chunks of my 30s investing in the wrong relationships and elements, and it’s important to be transparent on that. Continue Reading


You can drive a Mack Truck through senior leadership double talk

Middle management

How can an executive truly care about climate initiatives or pay equality when their incentives are about cutting costs? Continue Reading

Shouldn’t people have insight into the decisions that affect them?

Breakups to makeups, personally and professionally. Continue Reading

Your whole life will probably shift in two years, and that’s OK

Humanity is mostly about being adaptable anyway. Continue Reading

Why process, while good, can frequently destroy teams

Process isn’t a bad thing by any means. In fact, most business experts would tell you it’s a main way you scale. You need to do things in a repeatable, predictable way to get to a place where enough peeps… Continue Reading

Work isn’t where to turn looking for appreciation

Work ain’t really designed to love you back. Continue Reading

Meet with new employees during their first week (please)

This should not be that novel, or hard, of a concept. Continue Reading