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Maybe something called Slack could revolutionize the workplace

So many people you meet will spend time pursuing/chasing “Inbox Zero,” denoting it as a badge of accomplishment. But then, er, IBM has done studies indicating that a clean, organized inbox holds no… Continue reading

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Here’s a simplistic idea: could we save the planet by reducing our focus on how business must occur face-to-face?

By now you’ve probably heard about or seen or have some context around this new climate change report, which was fairly dire. At the same time, the percentage of Americans who care about… Continue reading

You spend probably 1/3 of your day at work, if not more. But there’s no science around how to make work great. Can Google change that?

The Framingham Heart Study, detailed a bit in the video above and also here, began monitoring 5,000 people in the late 1940s and continues to this day; the super-longitudinal nature of the study… Continue reading

Brief thought exercise: is your job what you think you do, tell people you do, or actually do?

A couple of weeks ago, I was on this “business trip” (quotes indicate that it was for work, but admittedly a part-time job) and struck up a conversation with a couple of seemingly like-minded individuals… Continue reading

Being busy is a function of time management skills and your choices. So please stop talking about how busy you are.

I read this in Slate before I went to bed last night and it resonated with me. Essentially, if we view the idea of being busy as so awful, why do we constantly tell others… Continue reading

Good managers are super rare. 82 percent of manager hires end up being the wrong one. (Whoa.) Here’s why (kinda).

Straight up and honestly, the last five or six managers I’ve had have been somewhere from “horrific” to “OK periodically.” No one has been great. The reasons can vary — most of the… Continue reading

Employee engagement and the Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report: What can we learn?

I’m writing this at the intersection point of a couple of different aspects of my life: 1. A few years ago, I went to graduate school to focus on organizational development/behavior and employee engagement.… Continue reading

Oh look, Peter Lanza has begun speaking to the media

Peter Lanza — the father of Adam Lanza and the ex-husband of Nancy Lanza — has stayed out of the media (for the most part) since December 2012 and the Sandy Hook shootings.… Continue reading