Community is what sets you free

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Can you build your business as a true community?

Work As Community

I find the idea of a business or organization being called other things — for example, “a family” or “a neighborhood” or “a community” — somewhat fraught, because work is work and people tend to have one brain/focus there, whereas… Continue Reading

Start viewing work as a neighborhood

View work as a neighborhood

There are essentially four models for human social interaction, according to some: communal sharing, authority ranking, equality matching, and market pricing. That seems a little bit like academic speak, so let’s break it down into more manageable categories. In terms… Continue Reading

Brief thought exercise: as the price of airfare (likely) begins/continues to rise, will we see more people settle near their families?

Planes do require fuel to fly, and as fossil fuel extraction becomes pricier over time, it stands to reason that flights will, too. If you don’t generally believe any of this, consider this fact: from ’09 to ’14, flight costs… Continue Reading


A group of middle schoolers from Red Deer (in Alberta, Canada) may have figured out how to take schools into the future

Here’s a little bit of context before we begin: I spent much of yesterday at a middle school in Memphis, TN. Here’s where it is: I had a long conversation with the head maintenance guy over there, who wears a… Continue Reading


Ah, the future of social media as local social? Meet Nextdoor

Even though I’m a reprehensible snob about it, Facebook is a good way to keep track of what’s going on in the lives of your far-flung friends. Twitter is less so for that (unless all your friends happen to be… Continue Reading