Let’s end the ‘schedule a call’ culture

Schedule a call

“Hop on a call this week?” Continue Reading

How to prepare better for meetings and calls

Prepare better for meetings and calls

It’s amazing to me how many people I’ve worked with over the years who seem to put absolutely no thought into how to prepare better for meetings and calls. Look, the sad fact of the matter is — much of… Continue Reading


Saying “hop on a call” offends the hell out of me

Hop On A Call

My man TKaps and I, back in the halcyon days of ESPN, used to have a joke about the word “chat.” The joke wasn’t that funny, but here goes: a “chat” should be a nice thing, right? Like if your… Continue Reading

55 percent of employees are eating during conference calls (and more fun stats)

One of my least-favorite expressions in the cubicle world is “hop on a call.”¬†Anyone that’s been on a series of conference calls knows that they’re pretty off-task affairs, in general: it’s highly probable that over 60 percent of the people… Continue Reading