The overconfidence curse

Personally/professionally less than stellar. Continue Reading

The confidence gap at work is often a gaping chasm

The confidence gap

Not just a gender construct anymore. Continue Reading

Life Key: Move away from fear, greed, and ignorance

Greed Fear Ignorance

This is kind of interesting. MIT has this project called “ULab,” which is designed to transform higher education. That’s a pretty complex topic to tackle, because a lot of the problems with higher education come from the context of how… Continue Reading

If you’re an idiot, you probably think you’re a genius

Kruger Dunning Effect and Incompetence

Cue it up: This finding was not a quirk of trying to measure subjective sense of humour. The researchers repeated the experiment, only this time with tests of logical reasoning and grammar. These disciplines have defined answers, and in each… Continue Reading


Confidence is how you turn thoughts into action. Here’s how to get it.

How To Be Confident

I’m super not confident, so I’m probably not the best person to write this post. That said, I’ll give it a try. Over the holidays, I was with some friends in Massachusetts, and one conversation my man Greg and I… Continue Reading