The “Attention Economy” is a bubble

This is a tough intersection for humanity. Continue Reading


Confirmation bias is now a synonym for “life”

Confirmation Bias

Welcome to the era of dumb’ed-down like-clicking. Continue Reading

Compensatory behavior is, well, everything

Compensatory behavior

All about closing that gap between “who you really are” and “who you want to be seen as,” which has implications at work and on social media. Continue Reading


On fixing the bad first impression

Fixing Bad First Impressions

If you’re a Mad Men fan and have been watching these final couple of episodes, you may have seen the sequence last night where Mathis — basically a flack for Peggy — barges in on Don, tells him everything’s been handed to… Continue Reading


How confirmation bias explains your job (and your parents)

Confirmation Bias and The Breakfast Club

Here’s a good article from Fast Company, including this quote: In a nutshell, people will interpret your current behavior in a way that makes it consistent with your past behavior, and they will tend to play down or completely ignore evidence… Continue Reading