Young, cute, Harvard-educated, Republican? Elise Stefanik could be the future.

Elise Stefanik

The youngest person ever elected to the U.S. House of Representatives happened back in 1973, when Elizabeth Holtzman won at age 31. Tomorrow, Elise Stefanik should win at age 30, breaking a forty-year old record in the process. In addition to… Continue Reading


2014 Elections Trend: Anti-incumbent attitudes are near a record high, but there’s very few toss-up races. Why?

Check out the chart above and some of the charts herein, and you could argue that the 2014 midterms have the highest anti-incumbent polling stance in about 22-24 years — seems like 68 percent of those polled are saying they want to… Continue Reading

What will Obama discuss in the State of the Union address tonight?

Logically you’d assume some of the following things need to come up: gay rights, privacy, marijuana, inequality, job creation, student loan debt, and ObamaCare. On the last one, he needs to showcase its recent successes while also taking credit for… Continue Reading


Niger Innis, in bed with ExxonMobil and running for Congress in Nevada, is a story to watch

Niger Innis is running for Congress in Nevada on the tea party side of the GOP nomination process; ultimately, he’d face Steven Horsford in a general election (if he gets that far). This is for the Nevada 4th District, a new… Continue Reading

Matt Rosendale, Kirk MacKenzie, the Defend Rural America movement, and the craziness of Montana politics

Most people from the coasts tend to not understand Montana at all; they think it’s either a place with a lot of free masons, a place with maybe some cool national parks, a place where you can probably drive 90… Continue Reading