Often, the “business guru” knows exactly shit

Business Guru

Beware, young grasshopper, the self-promotional “business expert.” Continue Reading

The great strategy consulting irony

Strategy consulting cover your ass

Um, what about your employees? Continue Reading


So why aren’t thought leaders saving the world yet?

Thought leaders

… because they’re largely full of crap and chasing sales. Continue Reading


Bad leadership costs you about $144,541.30 per day

Bad Leadership

“No time for that shit, Judy! Kick it to HR! They have the functional knowledge! I’m out here building the biz!” Continue Reading


What if being happy at work is all just a huge scam?

For people that care about this kind of stuff (**raises hand**), now seems to be kind of a landmark time in the “Intersection Of Happiness And Work” research/execution world. Will Davies wrote an article for The Atlantic in June on… Continue Reading


So wait, doesn’t the existence of consultants imply a lack of business trust in employees?

Consultants and Trust

A couple of quick stories before we get going here: 1. Used to work with a kid who hated the sheer idea of consultants (like someone in Office Space). Whenever something happened in his office, he’d snark to the senior… Continue Reading

Did Einstein explain the rationale for consultants?

I just went for a walk off downtown Fort Worth because it’s basically the second day of fall, and the weather is crisp and nice. (It’s a little bit closer to where I’m from, also known as New York City.) I… Continue Reading