The white paper marketing bubble will pop soon, right?

White paper marketing

The supply-demand problem of content marketing comes home to roost. Continue Reading


Marketing: Worry less about ‘content,’ more about ‘stories’

Marketing is now about stories you tell

Marketing is about to undergo either a revolution or an evolution, in large part because the majority of post-WW2 marketing in most major industries has been actually centered on advertisements. By this point in human evolution, most people know how… Continue Reading


Here’s why LinkedIn publishing is probably NOT a good strategy

From The New Yorker’s really long, in-depth profile of billionaire LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman: LinkedIn would also purvey business advice. Three years ago, it assembled a group of eight hundred “influencers”—Hoffman, Bill Gates, Deepak Chopra, Arianna Huffington—who began regularly posting on the… Continue Reading

We should rebrand the idea of “brand”

A couple of weeks ago, I landed in Toronto from DFW. The customs line was insanely long; I ended up waiting on it about 1 hour+. I was kind of near a co-worker, but not close enough to actually speak… Continue Reading


How about the content marketing supply-demand problem?

Google clicks by page and position

Let’s follow the bouncing ball here. First off, there’s a couple of things I think people get a little misguided about when it comes to “content marketing” as a concept: Your brand is unique, but you’re probably taking content marketing advice… Continue Reading


Marketing doesn’t completely understand content

Marketers don't really understand content

From here: According to a recent survey sourced in Ad Age, 75 percent of marketers said that content should frequently mention products and services, yet 60 percent of their audience turns down salesy content. This is the true rubber-meets-road moment… Continue Reading

74% of executives say customer experience is a priority. Is it?

Customer Experience Should Be A Priority

Not breaking news: executives at companies large and small often claim one thing is a priority (words), then their actions make it clear that a totally different thing is the real priority. For example: “talent strategy” is a priority, folks!… Continue Reading


Funny: B2B inbound marketing is essentially akin to stalking

KoMarketing Associates — they have a pretty good presence on LinkedIn, as an aside — did a little recap of InBound 2014 (the Hubspot conference) on their site. They tried to focus on six major themes that emerged from it, and… Continue Reading