Broncos and Seahawks? Negative. The Super Bowl is really about a small town in central Arkansas (thank you, cheese dip)

Nobody appreciates Arkansas, and that’s probably truer with food than anything else: it’s right near Texas and Louisiana (both extremely famous in different food sub-categories), and it doesn’t even have an official state food. But around this time of year every… Continue Reading


Yea, this is pretty much why a lot of America is obese and/or fat — but there’s hope

This is via Mother Jones by way of Amber Waves. This is Chart 1. It compares at-home spending patterns of U.S. households (i.e., at the supermarket) with USDA recommendations: Now, here’s Chart 2. It looks where Americans are eating — fast food, restaurants, at… Continue Reading

RIP, Charlie Trotter

Charlie Trotter passed away yesterday, likely as the result of a brain aneurysm. Ironically, just days before, he had appeared at a food conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming — he wasn’t supposed to be flying, according to his doctors — and… Continue Reading


Is cutting food stamp rolls a good thing?

Roughly 47 million Americans are getting hit by the food stamp cuts that went into effect today, and the food stamp (SNAP) program could fall even more in coming months. The House and the Senate are haggling (surprise) over two versions… Continue Reading