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Can we ever solve the Tara Grinstead case?

Sometimes I don’t like writing about the older cold cases that have appeared on the full gamut of crime shows (i.e. Tara Grinstead), because if it’s been since 2005-2006 and there’s basically nothing,… Continue reading

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Jennifer Huston disappearance probably isn’t about Kallen Houston, but what of these headaches?

Here are the basics of this case, which is unfolding in Oregon (about 25 miles south of Portland). A mother goes out to run errands around 5:45pm. She withdraws a small amount of… Continue reading

The key to the April Millsap case is her dog, Penny

Sad story: 14 year-old girl murdered about 45 minutes north of Detroit. A composite sketch has been released, though (of course, the sketch looks terrifying; you can view it on that link in… Continue reading

What could have happened to Jennifer Cahill-Shadle? Is this an ex-husband case?

Jennifer Shadle, or Jennifer Cahill-Shadle, has been missing for a little over two months; there seems to be a renewed push from the family for information now-ish. There isn’t a ton of information… Continue reading

So did Nichole Lee and Christopher Lee kill Erin Corwin?

Wrote about this case a little bit a few weeks ago, and here’s some new context: looks like the guy (the other Marine) that Corwin was having an affair with was named Christopher… Continue reading

Dan Markel was the ‘intended victim’ of his shooting. Do you look at Wendi Adelson, then?

Dan Markel, well-known and popular in the legal professor community, was ostensibly murdered at his home in Tallahassee a few days ago. This is a good collection of links related to the story… Continue reading

The key question in the Rachel Cooke disappearance: knew her attacker, or no? (Ex-boyfriend?)

This past January was the 12th anniversary of the disappearance of Rachel Cooke in Texas; as a result, it got some new investigators and a new focus, including James Knutson and Jason Waldon… Continue reading

In the Dana Boshell case, it had to be the boyfriend, right?

Just was reading a little about this case — Dana Boshell disappeared in July 2012, it appears (in terms of last contact with family and last bank account usage), but her disappearance¬†wasn’t reported… Continue reading