Change management exercises: Know your sub-cultures

Change management exercises

This probably isn’t the time to drown everything in process and spreadsheets. Continue Reading


Why is change so hard?

This whole topic is one that I wish more people would discuss more openly more of the time, because if you really get right down to it, the ability to change is pretty much everything in your life. Think about… Continue Reading

The relationship between “needs” and “process”

Change vs. Process

Coming back from lunch a bit ago with sore throat (sucks) and had this thought randomly. I think I can describe the business world in one equation/concept (while admitting that all organizations are unique in their own way). Rate/Speed Of… Continue Reading

How “the latitude of acceptance” explains change at work

Latitude of Acceptance

Here’s how to conceptualize the idea of a “latitude of acceptance.” Take any idea that has two distinct sides. There’s a cluster of people all the way at one end (“Abortion is terrible!”), then a cluster of people all the way… Continue Reading

So, “selfie” is the Oxford Word of the Year for 2013. Thanks, Australia.

Yes, that happened — and according to Oxford, the decision was “with little if any argument.” Oxford had it as a ‘word on the radar’ back in June 2012 (the Oxford Dictionaries blog is surprisingly pretty interesting), but as they themselves… Continue Reading