A bad culture will cost you money (and everything)

Don't have a culture of silence at your firm

One of the most unbelievable things about work to me is that old-school, high-up-the-ladder guys always give total lip service to ideas like “culture” and “employee engagement.” I understand why on face. Those are soft, fluffy topics. They can’t immediately… Continue Reading


Why is it so complicated for people to understand Google’s people success?

Google's Approach To People Is Logical

Stop treating people like farm animals and you’ll do alright for yourself. Continue Reading


Employee Engagement: You might “get it,” but the person next to you doesn’t

People don't understand employee engagement

What I’m about to say is not a particularly deep thought by any means, so apologies in advance for potentially wasting your time. I’ll keep it rather short, though. I promise. I’ve written enough words to drown a sea of… Continue Reading


Three surprising, simple ways to make your organization better

Make Your Organization Better

By this point, we should all probably understand that there’s a difference between “strategy” and “operations,” although, sadly, many people don’t understand that. Strategy refers to “ideas and actions, big-picture goals, moving forward.” Stuff like that. Operations is the process of getting… Continue Reading

Did Warby Parker shift the entire retail model?

A big discussion in retail the past three to five years has been “brick and mortar” vs. “online,” as if those ideas were two completely disparate worlds that could never possibly interact. That’s how places like Wal-Mart and Best Buy… Continue Reading


The GOP spends too much time talking about “culture,” which is an amorphous blob of a term

The GOP’s definitely got some issues — for example, the electoral map isn’t very favorable to them. They thought someone like Christie or Walker or Rubio was a potential big bet for ’16, and now their best option might be a… Continue Reading


Tony Hsieh, Zappos, Darwin and (maybe) the future of work

If you ask a woman anywhere north of about 16 right now to name a good company for customer service, I’d bet you $10 (and that’s a lot for me, if we’re being open here) that within the first three… Continue Reading