Let’s start embracing the idea of asking questions at work

Asking Better Questions At Work

Here’s a cool article from Harvard Business Review about how companies value curiosity in their employees, but nonetheless stifle it. The idea of a company talking out of both sides of its mouth shouldn’t surprise anyone — for example, leaders always claim they… Continue Reading


Who cares if you’re an individual superstar if you can’t work on a team?

Found this article on Forbes via Digital Tonto. It’s about individuals vs. teams in terms of development, etc. Here’s the final paragraph, which kind of summarizes everything (as final paragraphs tend to do): All of this points to a major change in… Continue Reading

Life Key: Move away from fear, greed, and ignorance

Greed Fear Ignorance

This is kind of interesting. MIT has this project called “ULab,” which is designed to transform higher education. That’s a pretty complex topic to tackle, because a lot of the problems with higher education come from the context of how… Continue Reading


Statistically, learning probably beats knowing right now

I’m a huge fan of people that actually pursue learning — I feel like “CQ” should be in the conversation with “EQ” and “IQ” always — and I think one of the biggest flaws with our standard hiring processes is… Continue Reading

IQ, EQ? Valid. How about CQ? (Curiosity quotient.)

Why don’t we think about hiring models more in line with people that are curious and WANT to learn, as opposed to evaluating what knowledge people already have? Continue Reading