Customer insight? That requires thinking, yes.

Customer Insight

What if I told you … it’s possible to view customers as more than simply wallets with fingers? Continue Reading


Start treating your consumers as insiders

I’m not a big enough deal in the marketing world (yet?) to get sent to things like #INBOUND or #CMWorld, although I definitely enjoy tweeting using the hashtag from afar. (I enjoy fun little games.) INBOUND — which is put… Continue Reading


Could advertising just die someday as an industry?

I’ve wondered this for a couple of months now, so I decided to try and sit down and make some sense of the idea with a post. Here’s the thing: advertising is oftentimes everything to media pursuits (television, magazines, newspapers, etc.) It’s… Continue Reading


Most companies have no idea how to value customers

I sometimes understand — don’t per se ‘get it,’ but understand it — when companies could care less about their employees, because oftentimes employees are seen as almost transactional. They come, they do a job, you pay them X-amount of money, and they leave. That’s… Continue Reading


What you feel for a brand is essentially “rational love”

Rational Love For Brands

Kinda interesting, via here: The researchers first approached the question with structured interviews of 60 study participants about brands and people they loved and liked. They noticed some similarities in the way participants discussed humans and items: those that were… Continue Reading


The era of “customer-first” is going to be terrible for employees

Customer-First Is Bad For Employees

Stop and think about this for a second: there are some strong “thought leadership” brands out there in different verticals. Even though businesses tend to make decisions based on market forces or economics or finance, you still see leaders and… Continue Reading

74% of executives say customer experience is a priority. Is it?

Customer Experience Should Be A Priority

Not breaking news: executives at companies large and small often claim one thing is a priority (words), then their actions make it clear that a totally different thing is the real priority. For example: “talent strategy” is a priority, folks!… Continue Reading

Spend some actual time on your website’s FAQ page

Don't Ignore your FAQ page

Every company you ever speak to is somewhere in the process of redoing something about their website, and usually doing it mostly wrong — i.e. focusing on bells and whistles, and/or “something they saw on a comparison site,” as opposed… Continue Reading