What I learned, about WordPress and life, at DFW WordCamp 2014

DFW WordCamp

You know #wcdfw is going to be good when it kicks off with Shake It Off. The players going to, play, play, play… — Amanda Espinoza (@AmandaEspi) October 4, 2014 I had never been to a WordCamp before yesterday —… Continue Reading


Long Distance Moving Company Review: I’d mostly recommend American National Van Lines

I’ve moved more than 900 miles twice in the past 24 months. The first one was New York City to Minneapolis (about 1,200 miles) in July of 2014. The second one was Minneapolis to Dallas (about 900 miles) a few weeks… Continue Reading

Some contextual thoughts on driving down the I-35 corridor

I grew up in New York City; until I did Teach for America down in Houston in 2003 (the year I graduated from college, also on the east coast), I had basically never left the I-95 corridor. I-95 is its own… Continue Reading

Moving to Dallas / Fort Worth later this month

I’ll keep this one relatively brief. If you’ve read this blog, you know a little bit about my graduate school run and some of the issues with getting a job afterwards — notably, I wrote about it here, here and… Continue Reading


Is Craig Watkins’ Conviction Integrity unit in Dallas going to fundamentally change how the justice system works? Damn, let’s hope.

So far, it’s helped exonerate 33 wrongfully-convicted inmates, and the idea of a ‘Conviction Integrity Unit’ has spread to 11 other major U.S. cities, including New York, Detroit, and Cleveland. Here’s the money quote: “In 10 years we’ll look back… Continue Reading

Fun with labor, maps, and statistics: if you want to find a job, move to North Dakota, Nebraska, or Dallas

I love data on jobs and job searching, probably because my own life is a wreck with that stuff right now. I started out looking at unemployment rate by state — to a coastal-bias person, it would seem crazy that the… Continue Reading

The coronation of Marco Rubio, Chris Christie or (whoever) will happen in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Denver, Dallas, Kansas City, Las Vegas or Phoenix

The 2012 GOP Convention in Tampa was a straight-up mess from a traffic standpoint (and a Clint Eastwood standpoint, and a Mitt Romney standpoint…) and the hotel and buses situation wasn’t ideal for GOP operatives and the thousands of others who… Continue Reading


Steve Stockman and Ted Cruz as U.S. Senators won’t happen, but damn, it would be interesting

Ted Cruz won his Senate election in Texas in 2012, so he’s good until 2018 (there’s oddly speculation that he might be running for something else in 2016, which I guess is only logical since he’s reached the coloring book stage of… Continue Reading