Isn’t it time we were more open about sex?

The conversations we don’t have are harming us. Continue Reading


Analytics is a leadership problem, not a technical one

We gotta think on this differently. Continue Reading


Analytical tools begin with psychology

Analytical tools

“We compete on data,” a CEO meows. Continue Reading


The Guesswork Era may still beat Big Data


You can’t just introduce a new business paradigm on the fly without considering the psychology of your executives. Continue Reading

Future employment: Data translators

Future employment

Following the bouncing ball (or the data-brick road). Continue Reading


Business metrics: You’re doing it wrong. Let’s fix it.

Business Metrics

It’s really hard to do business metrics well unless you have a culture of honesty and transparency, and most companies do not. You can still grab, scrub, analyze, and decide off data and business metrics, but there will be a lot of politics, BS, under-cutting, and the like preventing true success. Continue Reading


Big Data: You need to actually be able to explain things to people. We forget that step.

Florence Nightingale Data Visualization

That right there is a data visualization Florence Nightingale did over 100 years ago; I found it in this post from Kellogg (Northwestern), which is an awesome article about visualizing data. I won’t go super deep into this — you… Continue Reading


What if Big Data actually makes decision-making slower?

Big Data and Decision Making

Here’s what we seem to know about the idea of “Big Data” at this point: More or less, it might be “the future.” Despite it being the “future,” we don’t seem to be teaching it enough yet for the next… Continue Reading