Michelle Byrom was supposed to be the first woman executed in Mississippi in 70 years. Now she may walk free. What happened?

There may be a gender bias in who we execute in the United States, and this story out of Mississippi may well underscore that as well. Here are the basics of her case: her husband, who had been abusive, was murdered… Continue Reading

Is there a racist undertone to attitudes about the death penalty in the United States?

There has long been discussion about how the death penalty in America is quite possibly racist, and there’s even been discussion about how there might be a gender bias (only 14 women have been executed since 1976). There’s an element… Continue Reading


Suzanne Basso, executed last night in Texas, is only the 14th woman executed since 1976. Does that mean anything?

Suzanne Basso was executed last night in Texas — by lethal injection, but not by the trial version of lethal injection — thus becoming the 14th woman executed since 1976, and only the fourth since 2002 (about 12 years), three of those… Continue Reading