Is choice overload a real thing?

Choice Overload

When companies are consistently trying to prove innovation and growth, they’ll enter new verticals — further crowding those verticals. Is this stressing consumers? Continue Reading


Bureaucracy is swallowing workplaces whole

Bureaucracy Org Chart

Does your company really need both a Chief Data Analyst and a Chief Fun Idea Generator? Potentially not. Continue Reading


The Silo Effect: Kill it with fire

Silo Effect

“Everyone knows Operations is saving this place’s ass! Without us, we’d all be out on the street!” < --- this attitude, i.e. The Silo Effect and slow-moving decision-making as a result, is how we get disrupted. Continue Reading

Business case: Personalize the arguments

Business Case

“No time, Lance! I’m building out my slide deck, baby! Check out these transitions!” Continue Reading

Your decision making model has too much variability

Decision Making Model

Daniel Kahneman, who is way smarter than I am, chimes in on this one. Whew. Continue Reading


The problem with your decision makers

Decision Makers

Many are just digital paper-pushers. And here’s why. Continue Reading


Why your decision-making process is skewed

Decision-making process

Most companies (and individual senior leaders) have terrible decision-making processes in place. They often focus short-term, chase shiny pennies, and a host of other things. Why is this? How can it get better? Continue Reading


Change management: The 2016-2020 wave

Change Management Illustration

If you believe disruption is coming for most companies (it probably is), then change management is absolutely crucial. But most companies are flippin’ terrible at it. How can they get better? Continue Reading