The problem with your decision makers

Decision Makers

Many are just digital paper-pushers. And here’s why. Continue Reading


Why your decision-making process is skewed

Decision-making process

Most companies (and individual senior leaders) have terrible decision-making processes in place. They often focus short-term, chase shiny pennies, and a host of other things. Why is this? How can it get better? Continue Reading


Financial decisions = akin to how animals find food

Your brain is like an animal's brain decision-wise

Some new brain research out of Wharton (UPenn) recently, and while it’s not entirely fleshed out yet and has more potential for research options, this is an amazing section: One of the fascinating takeaways from our research is that people… Continue Reading


When will people get annoyed by everyone discussing Big Data?

Probably pretty soon, right? Here’s the thing with Big Data, IMHO: most businesses, especially the publicly-traded ones, are quarterly in nature. They need results now now now. Big Data is a bit of a longer-term play. First off, you need… Continue Reading


Link short-term decision-making to long-term goals

In the grand scheme of writing this blog, one of the most interesting things that I think I’ve ever written is this whole idea of “micro” vs. “macro.” Basically, you can get consensus among one group (say, a senior leadership… Continue Reading


Remember: business is still individual-to-individual

Business Is All About Individuals

You know why, ultimately, business journalism and headlines like “74 percent of B2C consumers prefer this…” don’t have value? And you know why the ramp-up to “Big Data” and “data-based decision-making” will be hard for a lot of people? Here’s why: All of these… Continue Reading

You need to start killing off good ideas

Saying No To Good Ideas

Stop chasing every possible way to make some loot. Continue Reading


Focus less on your ambitions, and more on your self-confidence and humility

Humility and Leadership

I like it when I find random new professors/thought people in the management/leadership space because it’s always interesting to see new and differing perspectives. I then like it even more if they say similar things to how I feel about… Continue Reading