Why is learning seemingly so hard within organizations?

In short: most people don’t really care. Continue Reading


What if your co-workers AREN’T lazy and work is just designed all wrong?

Hmmmm. Continue Reading


The average middle manager ain’t pulling his/her weight

Middle manager

What is the ideal job role for a middle manager? What should they legitimately be doing? Continue Reading


Maximizing your front line leadership

Front line leadership

Bunch of KPI-chest-pounders at the intersection of your company and your customers? Not good. Continue Reading


Work stress is fixed with better priorities

Work Stress

You beat stress by being calm, and you get calm by knowing what matters. But at work, that’s often nearly impossible. Let’s fix it. Continue Reading


The Gig Economy is THE economy now

Gig Economy

The psychology of it comes down to this: time > money at the end of the game. Continue Reading


Project management tools only work if…

Project Management Tools

… human elements, like clarity, context, and communication. Continue Reading


The Silo Effect: Kill it with fire

Silo Effect

“Everyone knows Operations is saving this place’s ass! Without us, we’d all be out on the street!” < --- this attitude, i.e. The Silo Effect and slow-moving decision-making as a result, is how we get disrupted. Continue Reading