Workload management 101: 52-17 ratio


52 minutes waxing on, and 17 minutes waxing off — although your manager might freak the eff out if you use this approach. Continue Reading


Your senior leadership shouldn’t be individual contributors

Senior Leadership

When someone making about $250,000 a year is line-editing tweets, you may have a priority problem within your organization — and you should probably fix it. Continue Reading


Is your work task list meaningless?

Task List

Let me guess. (Pauses.) Yes? Continue Reading


The great project planning myth

Project Planning

Project planning? No time! I got a boss to please! (But seriously, here’s a research-backed look at why most project plans aren’t that great.) Continue Reading


The problem with your decision makers

Decision Makers

Many are just digital paper-pushers. And here’s why. Continue Reading

Management Theory: Two trips to IKEA

Management Theory and IKEA

About three weeks apart, I took two different trips to IKEA. The contrast in those trips taught me a ton about management theory. Continue Reading

Business process buried results

Business Process

Hmmm… business process. That’s a multi-layered topic, no? Let me do my best here. I think the first place you need to begin is with the idea that for most senior executives — or quote unquote decision-makers — within an… Continue Reading

How to get organized at work

How to get organized at work

I’ve probably worked with 1,500 different people in various jobs I’ve had. I could count maybe 4 that ever spent a second thinking about how to get organized at work. The common way most people approach the concept of ‘how… Continue Reading