Only 32 percent of children in Mississippi are in two-parent households

States with Most and Least Two-Parent Families

Check out the above. It’s a map of two-parent households around the USA, as organized by percentage of states. If you want a better version, click here. If you’re into lists of states and percentages, well, here you go: This is a… Continue Reading

Where in the U.S. can you live eight years longer on average?

U.S. Areas With Longer Life Expectancy

From here: The key areas, then: Northeast Corridor/Philly Western coast of California Seattle Oregon/Washington border Southern Florida retirement areas Suburban Dallas and Houston Boulder/Denver, CO In those areas, it’s about eight years longer — which is almost a full decade… Continue Reading

Misconceptions: Millennials probably will quit jobs over money, aren’t “The Trophy Generation”

Millennial Misconceptions

If you think this has any value, feel free to share it around. Share buttons are at the bottom of the post.  Lot of broad generalizations about the next generation coming up, i.e. millennials. Notably: they want to live in… Continue Reading

Santa Fe is the best place to own a business as a woman

Santa Fe Great For Women-Owned Businesses

Aside from the whole “They may have limited access to water” concept, New Mexico is a place everyone should consider moving in the next eight years — and especially women who want to own their own business. This comes from NerdWallet, who… Continue Reading

Cost of living: Where in America would $100 go the farthest?

Cost of Living in the U.S. per $100

Via Vox’s Content Marketing 101 headline “70 Maps That Explain America,” and in turn this post, here’s a general idea of what $100 (national average) will get you in each state in the union:

How wages for young people in the U.S. changed, 1980-2013

Young People Wages in U.S.

If you think modern-day San Francisco might someday go the way of Detroit, well, there’s some new evidence you should consider. (Here’s some more ill-fated logic on what might someday “doom” SF.) This comes from an article by way of… Continue Reading

Demographic shifts: The population pyramid is over. What does that mean?

Population Pyramid

This is the first blog post I’ve written in about a week, because I was in Paris and London with my wife for the better part of the last seven days. (I’ll do a recap post on that a little… Continue Reading

Here are the 10 cities with the largest share of young adults

Salt Lake City Young People

People love to breathlessly discuss “the cities of the future” or “where the young people are headed,” and goddamn hand to some deity, I am no exception. I’ve written about people moving away from coasts, the best cities for jobs… Continue Reading