Why political polarization in America is unique

Political Polarization

Three main issues here, and they played out big in 2016 (and shall continue to do so!). Continue Reading


Facebook depression seems pretty real

Facebook depression

We need to think on this a bit more. Continue Reading


The Socially Isolated Era in America is dawning

Socially Isolated

This is some real stuff right here. Continue Reading


The United States of Nervous Wrecks

Nervous Wrecks

Work = stress = anxiety = we’re all popping meds = guys getting richer = less scratch for us = anxiety = we’re all nervous wrecks. Continue Reading

No shit, Facebook can cause depression

Facebook and Depression

People love to breathlessly analyze any stats about Facebook, largely because it’s at the center of a lot of people’s social universes. I think most logical people — remember: most people¬†aren’t¬†necessarily logical — can understand that Facebook probably isn’t the… Continue Reading

Lessons from dealing with an anxious spouse

Lessons from Anxious Spouse

Lest you think I’m out here sharing family secrets in a negative way, let me say off the bat that I talked about writing this post with my wife and she vetted the concept entirely (partially in hope that it… Continue Reading


It’s perfectly fine to talk about dark issues at the holidays, you know?

Debbie Bauer McGonigle

If you read the last couple of things I wrote, you’d probably be like “WHOA! That dude is DEPRESSED!” In reality, I’m not. My life is definitely a lot better than it was in December of 2013 (detailed a little… Continue Reading

Abilify explains America in a nutshell


This probably won’t be a very long post, but I still think it’s somewhat interesting/relevant. First off, I’m somewhat depressed a good deal of the time, although I don’t take any drugs for it. (I have been to therapy off… Continue Reading