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Learning and development

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The basic life path is changing, and we should address that

I got this idea from here.┬áLet’s look at the “standard first-world life path:” Pretty simple, yes? You start in a “safety net” — meaning your parents are economically responsible for you, then you learn (K-12, college), and then you leave… Continue Reading


68 percent of managers AREN’T engaged in their employees’ career development. WTF?

68 Percent of Managers Don't Guide Their Employees' Careers

Right Management — a subdivision of Manpower Group — did a survey about career development and managers’ roles within it. Here are the results.┬áHere’s probably the section you should pop a couple of Ambien before you read: According to the… Continue Reading

We love to talk about drones and Amazon. But what if drones could really help Africa?

First off, to anyone that actually reads this thing, apologies for not blogging since last Wednesday; I was at a conference and ’twas hard to sit down and compose some posts. I’ll be at similar conferences twice in April, so… Continue Reading


If we want to solve the skills gap issue in the U.S., maybe we should turn to reciprocity (like parts of Europe)

“You don’t really know what you get,” she says. “If someone tells you they’re an electrician, they could have just exchanged light bulbs at an amusement park or they could have worked, maybe, at complex problems.” That quote is from… Continue Reading