A nice stat about executives lip servicing digital marketing

A doozy. Continue Reading


Oft-ignored problem: Digital laziness

Digital laziness

Passively clicking “like” all day isn’t helping anyone. (Well, except companies.) Continue Reading

The white paper marketing bubble will pop soon, right?

White paper marketing

The supply-demand problem of content marketing comes home to roost. Continue Reading


Digital marketing strategy: The big lies

Digital marketing strategy

When lies and buzzwords replace the real deal of how to think on/approach what you do digitally, that’s less than stellar. Continue Reading


Your digital strategy sucks. Here’s why.

Digital Strategy

A quick hint: it all goes back to human psychology. Continue Reading

Does content marketing work when everyone says the same shit?

Does content marketing work?

Does content marketing work? Chances are your CMO heard about it at some conference, or got pitched it by some consultant, and they may green-light it just because they don’t really have the time to consider other options … they’ve… Continue Reading

Content marketing keyword research is still crucial

Content marketing keyword research

There has been some debate in content marketing / inbound marketing circles about keyword research of late, with SEO demi-god Rand Fishkin even doing a ‘Whiteboard Friday’ a few weeks on MOZ on the idea of ‘keywords’ vs. ‘topics’ in… Continue Reading

Chart: Most CMOs have no clue about digital marketing

CMOs Don't Understand Digital Marketing

The chart above comes from this post, and is kind of similar to a post I once wrote about people “not getting it” in terms of digital marketing, especially because you can make money from digital. CMOs have been claiming for years that… Continue Reading