Is digital now becoming “more shit to manage?”

Maybe the root of work stress is platform proliferation. Continue Reading

Welcome to the platform thinking era

Platform Thinking

How the psychology of change, coupled with fear, cripples a lot of executive decision-making. Continue Reading

Digital monetization is becoming more confusing


If a CMO is looking at monetization plays that represent 16 percent of revenue vs. 84 percent of revenue, where do you think their attention might fall? Continue Reading


Professional networking: The modern dichotomy

Professional Networking

“I’ve got 2,191 LinkedIn connections! I’m so networked!” But are you, sir? Are you? Continue Reading

Estonia is a small country in northern Europe that has about as many people as Hawaii; it became a global leader in technology, though. Here’s the valuable lesson for the world.

Estonia, a former Soviet republic, is now often considered one of the leading digital centers of the world (some call it “E-Stonia” as a result). People vote online, people do their tax returns in moments via mobile (and get their… Continue Reading

Whenever your friends tell you viewership numbers for House of Cards or Orange is the New Black, uh, they’re lying to your face

This is a good lesson in the context I reference in the title of this blog: Netflix is all the rage in certain friend groups/socioeconomic sectors as “Oh, is (such-and-such) streaming?” But here’s the important thing to remember: Netflix is a subscriber-based… Continue Reading


Can you make money (revenue) off social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc? And if you can’t, will social someday become a fad?

Let’s start with a couple of basics: Facebook and Twitter, the two behemoths in the general social media space right now (I’d classify Instagram as Facebook, and I might include YouTube as the third behemoth), are now both public companies.… Continue Reading


Hulu has a billion dollars (not all profit). It appears to be re-investing in original shows.

As more people cut the cord, streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are going to become increasingly important (I forgot Chromecast there; muh b). This will all be tied up in whatever the “TV of the future” is… Continue Reading