LinkedIn will send four times more people to your homepage than Facebook and Twitter will, so … let’s talk about marketing on that platform

I’ve had a couple of different social media-focused job interviews in the past two-three months, and I can’t even tell you how many times — OK, probably about six — someone has said to me, “Well, our company has 2,300… Continue Reading


Social vs. search vs. direct: How do you get to a website? (Or, why ‘we put it on Facebook’ is a bad strategy.)

There are a couple of different ways a person can reach your website, but three of the biggest would be social (i.e. from Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or what have you), direct (typing in/bookmarking the URL) or search (i.e.… Continue Reading


Page views, time spent, clicks, uniques, and shares: does anyone really know how best to measure an online audience?

It feels like people have been saying this for years, although it probably hasn’t really been that long: essentially, the media game is changing. Here’s an article from today via The Atlantic, noting that outbound links off of Facebook went from 62… Continue Reading


Cord-cutting, Time Warner analytics, and why the WWE model makes the most sense

Check out the chart above. It’s from Time Warner; during the last quarter reported, they lost 217K video customers (while gaining about 39K broadband customers). You’d have to head back to 2009 to find the last time the company added more video… Continue Reading