If you believe in disruption, you can’t embrace conformity

This is psychologically counter-intuitive for many people. Continue Reading


“Disruptive technology” is an oft-misused term

Disruptive technology

It’s less about the tech and more about the decision-making process flaws. Continue Reading


We think about business competition all wrong

Business Competition

Stop thinking your rivals’ market share is some flag you need to capture, and then maybe we can fix a few societal ills as well. Continue Reading


The team leader of the future

Team leader

If you believe in “VUCA,” then we need a new approach to what makes an effective team leader. Continue Reading


Disruption: Let’s have a frank discussion, yea?


It’s as much about psychology as it is “product marketing mix.” Continue Reading

What if what’s really being “disrupted” is The American Dream?

American Dream Disrupted

When you hear the word “disruption” in someone’s keynote speech, really they’re talking about how your quality of life is about to collapse. Continue Reading