“Thanks in advance” is the way to end emails, eh?

Thanks in advance

While it sometimes comes off as condescending, it shows the power of gratitude at work. Continue Reading


Email writing skills: BLUF

EMail writing skills

Most emails are low-context slop fests where you have no idea what steps you’re supposed to take next. What if we turned to the military to find ways to improve this? Continue Reading

Email marketing best practices: Be conversational

EMail Marketing Best Practices

Have a dialogue. Show your value. Continue Reading

How to get better at email management

Email Management

Email (or e-mail, take your pick) is one of the triad of scourges of the modern work world, along with meetings and conference calls. How do you get better at email management, then? There are approximately 1.5 trillion articles about… Continue Reading


How to be strategic about responding to work e-mails

Responding to work e-mails

E-mail, at least to me, is a total boondoggle. Responding to work e-mails is an even bigger boondoggle. Let’s start with a couple of basics: There are no established ‘norms’ on how to handle e-mail E-mail represents work, but it’s often not actually… Continue Reading

The one simple rule to remember when e-mailing


The two scourges of the modern workplace are e-mail and meetings, and I think it’s fairly hard to argue that. On the e-mail front, to wit: No one really contextualizes their e-mails (so everything seems urgent) It’s impossible to infer… Continue Reading


E-Mail is just a representation of the power structure of your organization

EMail is just a form of hierarchy

If you like this post, feel free to share it with your friends. Share buttons are at the bottom of the post.  Before we get into this, let’s just be clear up front: e-mail is probably one of the worst… Continue Reading


Two simple ways to stay on top of e-mail

Everyone in the modern world seems to complain about e-mail. Like, everyone. I’ve had a bunch of jobs, in a bunch of different industries/verticals/cities/bosses, and regardless of all the differences, this whole concept of ‘OMG, I cannot stay on top… Continue Reading