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29.21 percent of Monaco are millionaires. Holy hell.

There are 72 billionaires living in London, but if we knock it down a peg to millionaires, the density becomes insane for one city. Get this: 3 in 10 people who live in… Continue reading

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Raleigh is apparently the best place to have a career right now

I love “best places to live” studies and research, because I think it’s a fundamental question of the next generation coming up in the workplace. The Utah and Colorado areas always tend to… Continue reading

Here’s the most depressing American jobs-related paragraph you’ll read today

From here: In the immediate excitement of announcing 288,000 “jobs,” most commentary, taking its tone from President Obama’s “we’re making progress” statement, ignored or glossed over the real story: The disturbing trend to… Continue reading

Satya Nadella and Microsoft just hit one of the all-time corporate pivot moments

Remember back in about 1996, when there were all sorts of pre-Internet memes about how, if Bill Gates stumbled across a $20 on the street, it actually wasn’t worth his time to bend over… Continue reading

Ron Johnson, retail semi-legend, just gave an open palm slap to Big Data

The American business culture is often very “What have you done for me lately?” In that sense, you can argue Ron Johnson is a flop. He had big successes in the retail space,… Continue reading

Larry Page wasn’t necessarily wrong on the “people shouldn’t have to work full-time” thing

There has been heat in the press for some of Larry Page’s comments at this Khosla Ventures “Fireside Chat” recently. You can read all about it here, but essentially, here’s what the Google… Continue reading

A wedding in America currently costs, on average, about $29,548

Via Quartz, which is in turn via a 2013 survey done by the good folks over at The Knot, we now have an idea that the average cost of an American wedding is about $29,548. In the… Continue reading

Sprouts, a grocery chain out of Phoenix, is changing the way you walk through a supermarket

Via Quartz, consider this. This is typically how a supermarket is laid out in the United States: But this layout below belongs to Sprouts Farmers Market supermarkets, which are currently mostly in the Southwest:… Continue reading