The Great Prosperity ain’t walking through that door

Your company doesn’t want you to be rich, no. Continue Reading


Do firms make economic stagnation worse?

Economic Stagnation

Remember: people are selfish and firms are set up to make money, not necessarily reward people. Continue Reading


Middle managers are crippling the economy

Middle Managers

… to the tune of about $3 trillion (yes, with a t). Continue Reading

The man is keeping you down

We know, via economic science, that Americans should probably be making about $30,000 more than they do. We also know that job growth has been nice — 223,000 jobs were added off the last report — but earnings have remained stagnant,… Continue Reading

Cost of Living: What’s the hourly wage you need for a 2BR in every state?

Cost of Living for 2BR Apartment by each state

From here (via here):

You should probably be making about $30,000 more

You should be earning more

Whenever a new batch of “employment/jobs” data gets released — which happened at the end of last week in the U.S. — I always get kind of frustrated, because (a) no one really understands the unemployment rate and (b) it really… Continue Reading


Inequality: Let’s talk about 95-20 ratios in U.S. cities

A “95-20 ratio” compares the income of the top five percent of a city (the rich, essentially) with the bottom 20 percent (the poor, essentially) across the 50 largest U.S. cities. If the ratio is very high, that means the… Continue Reading

You need to make $87,536 to buy a home in NYC; San Francisco? $142,448

It costs a lot to buy in San Francisco or NYC

From here, there’s this: This data comes from a mortgage research website (HSH.com) and is pretty much what you’d expect: the Northeast Corridor demands a relatively large salary (minus Philly, maybe); Florida is comparatively inexpensive (I thought Miami would be… Continue Reading