Here are the 10 hardest-working cities in America

WalletHub Hardest-Working Cities

New report from WalletHub, in turn summarized on Forbes. WalletHub tends to do some interesting stuff with their data, even if it’s pretty easy to quibble with some of the findings. The methodology here involved: Average workweek hours Commute time… Continue Reading

Here are the 10 most economically-powerful cities in the world; yes, NYC is No. 1

Methodology here, but this tries to be fairly comprehensive and looks at these elements: Overall economic clout Financial power Global competitiveness Equity and quality of life The study uses those five indicators. Within each indicator, they rank 10 global cities… Continue Reading


The one thing your product needs is a simple, elegant interface

Importance of Interface Design

Consider this: The light bulb (Edison) was introduced in 1879; we didn’t see major productivity gains from it until the 1920s. Computers existed in the 1950s and 1960s, but we didn’t see major usage until the 1980s. The Internet even… Continue Reading

Cost of living: Where in America would $100 go the farthest?

Cost of Living in the U.S. per $100

Via Vox’s Content Marketing 101 headline “70 Maps That Explain America,” and in turn this post, here’s a general idea of what $100 (national average) will get you in each state in the union:

Fuck it, yo. How about an unconditional basic income?

Pay Everyone To Have A Base Quality Of Life

Would probably never work in the United States, and even so — we might be headed there. Continue Reading


What’s the most economically-segregated city in America?

U.S. Cities Levels of Economic Segregation

Wrote a little bit about this last March, but here’s some new information and ideas around it. This looks at segregation as a factor of income, education, and occupation (as opposed to simply income, which is how a lot of people… Continue Reading

How wages for young people in the U.S. changed, 1980-2013

Young People Wages in U.S.

If you think modern-day San Francisco might someday go the way of Detroit, well, there’s some new evidence you should consider. (Here’s some more ill-fated logic on what might someday “doom” SF.) This comes from an article by way of… Continue Reading

Four ideas we get totally wrong about retirement

Stats about Retirement

The new cover of TIME Magazine — and you can argue over how relevant TIME Magazine is to the modern day, but it’s still a thing millions of people at least glance at on newsstands every week — is a… Continue Reading