Do we now lip-service the importance of education?

Importance of education

Kinda feels like the same thing as an exec discussing “mission and vision.” Continue Reading

Here’s why the traditional college model will probably never die

Here’s some research from Stanford University on what exactly first-stage investors (in startups) are looking for when they give money. The essential “elevator pitch” of the story is that an early-stage investor typically has 1,000 meeting requests in a year, has to choose… Continue Reading

The new face of inequality: extracurricular activities

Extracurricular Activities

Think about this all for a second: More extracurricular activities = more positive outcomes for children, generally speaking. From activities like “Debate” or “Varsity Baseball,” (not sure why I put either of those in quotes) they learn teamwork, overcoming adversity,… Continue Reading

There are more minorities than whites in U.S. public schools

Here’s a new report from NCES; it has a lot of data points on U.S. public school demographics between here and 2022, and this, summarized in Quartz, might be the most interesting: this fall, Hispanics + Asians + African-Americans + Native… Continue Reading

ChromeBook could supplant iPads in schools because of a simple contextual functionality

This is a cool story — it initially appeared on The Atlantic, but I saw it over on Quartz, and ostensibly, it’s about the educational technology sector, which is damn near close to $10 billion/year (up 2.5 percent from last year). There… Continue Reading

Your kids may be eating sand in their pizza at school

From Mother Jones and their visit to a school lunch conference: While the exhibitors were eager to show off their products’ nutritional stats, few offered actual ingredients lists. When I asked the rep at the Uno pizza booth why ingredients weren’t included… Continue Reading

Does Robert Aderholt want your children to be fat?

Robert Aderholt is a Congressman from Alabama, and, as a House Appropriations sub-committee chairman, he’s ultimately responsible for setting funding levels on school nutrition programs. You might know that “healthy eating” is a big focus of Michelle Obama — think the… Continue Reading


Could Amy Cuddy, Microsoft Kinect, and the NYU Game Innovation Lab help eliminate “math anxiety?”

Remember that TED Talk about body language? (Funny sidebar: I had a class last spring in graduate school where the teacher cancelled the class, or just failed to show up, about 8 times in a class that only met 16… Continue Reading