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Fall 2014 is an epoch moment for the U.S. educational system; there are more minorities than whites in U.S. public schools

Here’s a new report from NCES; it has a lot of data points on U.S. public school demographics between here and 2022, and this, summarized in Quartz, might be the most interesting: this fall,… Continue reading

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ChromeBook could supplant iPads in schools because of a simple contextual functionality

This is a cool story — it initially appeared on The Atlantic, but I saw it over on Quartz, and ostensibly, it’s about the educational technology sector, which is damn near close to $10 billion/year… Continue reading

Your kids may be eating sand in their pizza at school

From Mother Jones and their visit to a school lunch conference: While the exhibitors were eager to show off their products’ nutritional stats, few offered actual ingredients lists. When I asked the rep at the… Continue reading

Do universities use inaccurate marketing to get students in the door, especially at the business/grad program level?

This is kind of an interesting topic to me for a variety of reasons. I went to grad school (two-year business program), struggled to get a job, finally did, and now regularly look… Continue reading

Does Robert Aderholt want your children to be fat?

Robert Aderholt is a Congressman from Alabama, and, as a House Appropriations sub-committee chairman, he’s ultimately responsible for setting funding levels on school nutrition programs. You might know that “healthy eating” is a big… Continue reading

Could Amy Cuddy, Microsoft Kinect, and the NYU Game Innovation Lab help eliminate “math anxiety?”

Remember that TED Talk about body language? (Funny sidebar: I had a class last spring in graduate school where the teacher cancelled the class, or just failed to show up, about 8 times… Continue reading

60 years since Brown vs. Board of Education, and only about 12 percent of African-American/Latino students in major cities have any exposure to white students. Um…

I don’t think you need to have seen The Wire Season 4 to understand this, but perhaps that would help a little depending on your specific background with education (and where you grew up): The… Continue reading

Brief thought exercise: when you really think about it, isn’t the hiring process set up in a way that completely disregards the idea of learning?

I’m finishing grad school right now and have been on a series of different interviews over the past few months, so this is just something I’ve observed that’s a little curious. By no… Continue reading