Emotional burnout from work is becoming normative

Emotional burnout

This one might hit some companies in the wallet. Continue Reading


The science of negativity in the workplace

Negativity in the workplace

Ruh roh. Continue Reading


Is emotionally intelligent leadership gonna die with mobile?

Emotionally intelligent leadership

Emojis are gonna rule us all. Continue Reading


Emotional intelligence in the workplace: A dog and pony show

Emotional intelligence in the workplace

“No time to consider EQ, boss! I’m chasing Q2 revenue plays, baby!” Continue Reading


The approval process vortex

Approval Process

Ah, the old ‘hurry up and wait’ world. Continue Reading


The Four Horsemen Of The Work Apocalypse Are…

Four Horsemen of The Bad Stuff

Four aspects ruin work (and relationships, honestly) for people more than any other. What are they? Continue Reading

Paraphrasing should be a part of your Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving and Paraphrasing

Here’s the deal: Thanksgiving can be an emotionally-misguided time. Drama emerges, things are said, etc, etc. We’ve all been there. (I honestly think it’s either that or small talk. There’s no middle ground.) Can it be avoided? Sure. You can… Continue Reading

Being happy: shift away from money, towards time


Research on happiness is always somewhat interesting to me. After all, that’s pretty much the¬†basic¬†human emotion we’re all seeking, right? People are always trying to be happy. There are entire industries that spring up around trying to make people happy.… Continue Reading