Can a compassionate work culture lead to more profits?


Emma Seppala, a professor at Stanford, has a new book out called The Happiness Track. One of the most popular things I’ve written in the past few months, ‘You’ll Never Have A Good Work Culture Unless You Stop Promoting Assholes,’ is rooted… Continue Reading

3 years since Sandy Hook, and things are worse. Wow.

3 Years Since Sandy Hook

Out of all the mass shootings, if you were callously sit down and rank them (I wouldn’t necessarily recommend doing this, no), Sandy Hook might be the worst. A loss of life is a loss of life wherever it happens,… Continue Reading

What if companies having empathy was tied to revenue?

Corporate Empathy and Revenue

A big concern of senior management types at most companies whenever something like ’empathy’ or ‘culture’ or ‘purpose’ comes up is pretty simple: I’ve got a business to run. How’s this tied to the bottom line? Look, that’s logical. We’ve… Continue Reading


Who cares if you’re an individual superstar if you can’t work on a team?

Found this article on Forbes via Digital Tonto. It’s about individuals vs. teams in terms of development, etc. Here’s the final paragraph, which kind of summarizes everything (as final paragraphs tend to do): All of this points to a major change in… Continue Reading


Execution. Expertise. Is empathy the new management trend?

Start here, on the supposed themes around management since the Industrial Revolution: “If organizations existed in the execution era to create scale and in the expertise era to provide advanced services, today many are looking to organizations to create complete… Continue Reading


Can we teach empathy, especially to adults?

How to teach empathy

An important question of the modern age. Continue Reading


Empathy is more valuable than critical thinking on people issues

Dylann Roof Empathy

Whenever something like the Charleston shooting happens, there’s a million and one narratives that pop up all over the place (thank you, social media and ease of e-mail) related to what exactly the problem is. I myself am guilty of this; I wrote… Continue Reading


So wait, Monica Lewinsky is a hero and crusader now? No. Please no.

Monica Lewinsky TED Talk

Finally got around to watching the Monica Lewinsky TED Talk from TED2015 last night before I went to bed. (“TED2015: Where The Badges Actually Had Purpose.”) I’m going to say some things right now that might make me seem like… Continue Reading