The problem: Employers/employees want different “autonomy”

Execs want to cut costs. People are costs. People want better projects and the ability to work independently. This intersection point defines our working future. Continue Reading


Stop inverting the risk continuum on decisions

What you can control often means more than what should really matter. Continue Reading


We really need to discuss feeling isolated at work

Feeling isolated at work

What makes you a human vs. a sub-human, at work and in your personal life? Continue Reading


The “customer strategy” era is going to skyrocket turnover

Customer strategy

The yin and yang of chasing the newest shiny penny. Continue Reading


Work sucks, globally — but it doesn’t have to be that way

Work sucks

Imagine all the people, engaged with some of the tasks… Continue Reading


Is employee net promoter score a good metric to use?

Employee net promoter score

It becomes a “tree falls in the cubicle forest” problem. Continue Reading


New product features? How about new people features?

New people features

You care deeply about your products and their launches, I get that. But what about your people and their life events? Continue Reading


Employee happiness really ain’t about the employee

Employee happiness

We’re not going to solve this issue with software. Continue Reading