Company loyalty is dead and buried, yes

Company loyalty

First thing people say: “the decline of unions…” That’s PART of it, but it’s not the entire story. Continue Reading

Is employee net promoter score a good metric to use?

Employee net promoter score

It becomes a “tree falls in the cubicle forest” problem. Continue Reading

Employee branding begins by cutting buzzwords

Employee branding

Rushing to buy software probably won’t make this any better, alas. Continue Reading


The Hawthorne Effect will reduce employee turnover

Hawthorne Effect

It used to be about light bulbs in Illinois factories. Now it’s about listening to, and engaging with, the people who work for you. Continue Reading


Employee recognition ideas: Uh, start by caring

Employee recognition ideas

“I don’t have time to recognize my employees! Don’t we do that at raise season or something? Eff it, let’s buy a software program!” Continue Reading

Has employee loyalty finally died?

Employee Loyalty

You’d reckon the answer is yes (for many people). But why? And what does it mean? And how can companies react and maybe get a strategic advantage back from it? Continue Reading