Sanga Moses figured out an innovative way to help Uganda, perhaps re-contextualizing “innovation” in the process

People love to band about the term “innovation” — there’s a whole issue right now because of the recent New Yorker article on “disruptive innovation” — but most people actually use it the wrong way. (It’s similar to how many people think… Continue Reading

North Carolina is about to be the tipping point for the fracking debate in America

Get this: North Carolina lawmakers have softened a controversial bill that would have made it a felony to disclose the chemicals used in fracking. Under the version of the law that passed the state legislature on Thursday, the offense has been knocked down to a misdemeanor. But legal… Continue Reading

If you race electric cars on the streets of Miami and London, does that make them sexier? Formula E hopes so.

“Formula E” will debut next summer with a bunch of cool features — you can ‘tweet to boost’ certain drivers, for example — perhaps none more than the essential feature of the circuit: all the cars are electric and yes, if you… Continue Reading

Damn, North Dakota: from 2010 to 2013, 940 new jobs per 10,000 people. Next highest in the U.S.? 337 new jobs per 10K people.

Say it with me now: the twin engines of present-day American job growth are knowledge and energy. We’ve talked about this before (with a little more context here), and now theres’s some new data via Atlantic Cities essentially underscoring the idea. Look at this chart:   The… Continue Reading


Could a Boston-based company called XL Hybrids help change the world (and the climate)?

XL Hybrids is a company out of Boston that, right there on their homepage, will promise a 20 percent reduction in urban fuel consumption. The business media is on board: Fast Company just had them as the third-most innovative energy company in… Continue Reading

Matt Teeters and the tricky dance of politics and education in Wyoming

Matt Teeters is a state representative in Wyoming who helped lead the charge for the state to officially reject the new Next Generation Science Standards, becoming the first state to officially do so. (It should be noted that the Governor of… Continue Reading

Is the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System a danger to both pilots and birds?

The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System — also known as the world’s largest solar farm right now — is on the California-Nevada border, about 40 miles from McCarron Airport (Vegas) and near a slew of other regional airports. It was… Continue Reading


Can Elon Musk and Tesla get the price of an electric car down to $30,000 because of a huge battery factory?

There’s been a ton about Tesla in the news lately — about two days ago, it was on Google Trends — but I’m not going to run that deep on it, since I’m not a business journalist. Here’s what you… Continue Reading