What are the best games in NFL Divisional Playoff history?


Last night’s Cardinals-Packers Divisional game was a classic, perhaps made even moreso because the teams met a few weeks ago and the game was a total rout. (The same team did win both times, though.) That happens a lot in… Continue Reading

Here’s a fun party game: Which celebrity couple would you have a threesome with?

Of course, BuzzFeed has a quiz on this. Here’s my intro story for this: probably in about 2008 or so, I was doing one of those unwise ‘let’s-drink-all-day’ Saturdays in NYC, and by about 8pm, my core friends were totally… Continue Reading


Loved Trainwreck, but …

Saw it on Friday night, when it came out. I honestly think the last movie I saw on the day it came out was one of the Twilight movies, and that was done somewhat ironically. Fun story from that movie,… Continue Reading

It took me until 2015 to see Point Break, but damn it’s a great movie

Point Break 1991

I saw it last night for the first time (Amazon Prime, baby). If you’ve never seen it and have no idea what it is, read this. It’s got a 68 on Rotten Tomatoes, with a slightly-higher audience score of 79. I can do the basic… Continue Reading


Girls Season 4: So Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham) is growing up, right?

Girls Season 4 Finale Hannah Adam Incubator

Watched the fourth-season finale of Girls last night; oddly enough, I did so right after watching a TED Talk. I doubt there are many people out there with penises who have gone from watching a TED Talk to watching an episode of Girls, but… Continue Reading

Every male in their 30s has some opinion on Adam Sandler, right?

Adam Sandler

On Saturday night, I couldn’t sleep around midnight — so I went and watched Blended on HBOGo. If you’re unfamiliar with what that is, it’s an Adam Sandler-Drew Barrymore movie (I believe the third one, after The Wedding Singer and… Continue Reading


“Broad City” is now better than “Girls.” Here’s why.

You can make an argument, and you’d be extremely right, that Broad City and Girls aren’t in any type of competition except out there on the Internet where people like to debate things. If you’re a fan of actual character… Continue Reading

Oscars: All-time, five people have been thanked more than God in acceptance speeches. Who are they?

Steven Spielberg thanked more than God

You see it more in athletics than at entertainment awards shows, but there’s a general rule among many in the world that when something good happens to them individually (or to a team they’re part of), they need to thank… Continue Reading