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True test for soccer in the United States? Perhaps the International Champions Cup.

That was a really good World Cup, right? (Not to mention I was right about Messi and Neuer.) But now the WC is over, and Americans — who aren’t, by and by, “real”… Continue reading

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Should Jibo the robot (and social robotics in general) terrify you, or is it a good step?

This is an interesting thing to think about: let’s say ‘The Internet of Things’ may be fully normative by 2030 or so. That means your house is all connected, and you can update everything… Continue reading

There’s a nugget in David Plotz’s goodbye letter from Slate that tells you all you need to know about the Internet and how people use it

Yesterday over at Slate, six-year editor David Plotz said goodbye. He’s being replaced by Julia Turner, who for all intents and purposes has a similar mindset. You can view Slate in a lot of different contextual ways, but… Continue reading

Axelle Despiegelaere of Belgium just did “the honey shot” right

Sorry, Montell Jordan (dated reference, eh?), but this is how you do it: get put on camera at the World Cup and parlay that into a modeling contract with L’Oreal. It happened for Axelle Despiegelaere of… Continue reading

It might take 371 days for your mom to friend you on Facebook

This is kind of old, but I just learned about it. Sue me. Facebook did a study on family dynamics within the site –utilizing millions of users — and found a bunch of… Continue reading

Microsoft’s Bing World Cup prediction engine on Cortana virtual assistant is 12-for-12 at predicting games

Microsoft added a World Cup prediction engine to the Cortana virtual assistant program on June 28th (about two weeks after the World Cup actually began). Since then, it’s 12-for-12 at predicting winners. That’s absurd,… Continue reading

Penalty kicks are the conclusive proof that Twitter is just a big digital sports bar

I’d like to say this is a sign that I’m older and more mature, but it’s probably not: I haven’t watched a lot of this World Cup in bars. Most of it has… Continue reading

Did y’all know Transformers 4 is about to become China’s highest-grossing movie ever? (And at a time when the U.S. box office is terrible.)

I haven’t seen any of the Transformers movies since maybe the first one — and I’m unclear honestly if I even saw that one — but regardless, the reviews for the fourth one have been kind of… Continue reading