Look for the foolish invention ideas

Invention Ideas

What happens when “the dumb idea” becomes “the idea that buys you a third home in Hawaii?” Continue Reading

Baby Boomers’ final act: Save entrepreneurship

Baby Boomers and Entrepreneurship

Alright, so … it’s possible that entrepreneurship is dying. We’ve been seeing stats about that for years, give or take. You can choose to believe that or not believe that. Let’s say, for a second, that you do. If so, what or whom can save… Continue Reading

Cornell is trying to buck the Ivy League mold to a Silicon Valley place

Admittedly these are all stereotypes, but when you think about the Ivy League, you often think about guys (not talking about women here, per se) who want finance-type jobs in New York City or otherwise along the I-95 corridor. Please… Continue Reading