Do mission and vision lead to profits?

Mission and vision

There are two types of corporate mission, essentially — and one of the two types will make you more money. Continue Reading


How senior management can start really doing stuff

Senior management

Making $225,000/year to put out fires and quell arguments? Might as well flush it down the toilet. Continue Reading


Maximizing your front line leadership

Front line leadership

Bunch of KPI-chest-pounders at the intersection of your company and your customers? Not good. Continue Reading


The Silo Effect: Kill it with fire

Silo Effect

“Everyone knows Operations is saving this place’s ass! Without us, we’d all be out on the street!” < --- this attitude, i.e. The Silo Effect and slow-moving decision-making as a result, is how we get disrupted. Continue Reading


Is your work task list meaningless?

Task List

Let me guess. (Pauses.) Yes? Continue Reading


The problem with your decision makers

Decision Makers

Many are just digital paper-pushers. And here’s why. Continue Reading


Your strategic plan: What you’re missing

Strategic Plan

Most people have no idea how to do a strategic plan, often confusing “strategy” with “operations.” Sooo … how can you possibly get close to anything resembling a strategic plan? Continue Reading


The problem with future of work discussions

Problem with future of work dialogue

There’s a big problem with future of work discussions. I love talking about the future of work — heck, on this blog I have a full tag for future of work. I’ve probably slid it into about six different headlines (or… Continue Reading