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Facebook eliminating clickbait headlines is a purely business move

You may have heard about Facebook’s attempts to eliminate / remove ‘click bait,’ or, essentially, articles that kind of tease you into clicking on them — bait you, in other words — with a controversial or… Continue reading

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This Cor Pan Facebook post from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 is terrifying

You likely know the tragedy of Flight MH17 by now, but you may not know this story about Cor Pan, a Dutch man. Because he was flying on Malaysian Airlines — and remember,… Continue reading

Satya Nadella and Microsoft just hit one of the all-time corporate pivot moments

Remember back in about 1996, when there were all sorts of pre-Internet memes about how, if Bill Gates stumbled across a $20 on the street, it actually wasn’t worth his time to bend over… Continue reading

It might take 371 days for your mom to friend you on Facebook

This is kind of old, but I just learned about it. Sue me. Facebook did a study on family dynamics within the site –utilizing millions of users — and found a bunch of… Continue reading

76 percent of business interactions on social media are “neutral?” That’s boring.

Big organizations may have ruined social in some ways. They rushed in at one point trying to be cool, and now your NewsFeed and Timeline and whatever else can be cluttered with stuff… Continue reading

Even as organic reach declines, Facebook’s best day for engagement is Fridays

There’s a cool post over at Buffer about surprising social media statistics, and while a few different things stand out — for example, about 91 percent of your mentions on Twitter will likely… Continue reading

Small Business Marketing Success Stories: Facebook

Since it’s Small Business Week, I thought it might be interesting/helpful/something to create a series of posts around the different ways that small businesses can use “this new marketing reality” to position themselves better.… Continue reading